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Sourcing your fresh salad produce has never been easier

The Lanka Salad Company

We grow the finest fresh lettuce, herbs, micro-herbs, tomatoes and bell peppers so you can have premium, healthy produce every day of the year.

Available for year-round delivery to restaurants, hotels, resorts and wholesalers throughout Sri Lanka and The Maldives.

fresh salad fromthe lanka salad company

why we are different

The LSC is built on a bedrock of commitment to providing the highest quality produce and service, and to be an unstoppable force for good.


Hydroponics is increasingly being acknowledged as a vital and forward-thinking approach to solving global food production issues in a responsible and sustainable fashion.


We currently produce over 10 varieties of high-end lettuce as well as a range of herbs and micro-herbs. Produce can be grown to order for regular buyers.


Freshness is key in this business. We ensure our produce reaches you in crisp, tip-top condition thanks to our packing procedures and fleet of refrigerated trucks.


We are committed to leading sustainable food production in Sri Lanka- ensuring a prosperous future for our staff, customers, communities and our environment.
eat healthy. live healthy.

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fresh salad fromthe lanka salad company