Food Safety – Our Promise

Nov 19, 2020

We believe you should have absolute confidence that the food you are eating is safe. That means it doesn’t contain pathogens that could make you sick immediately, or inorganic substances that can accumulate in your body over time and deteriorate your well-being.

We believe in growing safe and healthy food for our customers, which is why we take our water management and filtration systems very seriously.

As a hydroponic farm, we rely on water to grow our plants. We have systems in place for rainwater catchment and storage (underground, so wildlife contamination is not possible), and we utilise bore water when required. We have sophisticated RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV filtration systems for every drop of water that reaches our plants.

What makes food unsafe?

Underground water can be contaminated with a variety of biological pathogens and inorganic materials which can be harmful to our health. Chemical sprays that leach into water ways from agricultural practices, animal contaminants, soil based bacteria and heavy metals.

How we clean our water

In order to guarantee the purity of our water, we have two filtration systems.

The first is our Reverse Osmosis process;
During Reverse Osmosis (RO), water travels through a sediment filter, a carbon filter and is then forced (via water pressure) through a semi-permeable membrane which removes dissolved inorganic substances. The water is now clean enough to go through the UV filter.

UV Filtration
Our UV water purifier exposes any pathogenic micro-organisms (bacteria) that may be present in the water to an ultraviolet wave, disrupting their DNA in so they are unable to reproduce and make you unwell. Every drop of water going through the UV filter is purified, without the use of any harmful chemicals and without changing the composition of the water.

These processes mean that the water we use to grow your lettuce is completely purified and clean..and would be cleaner than some drinking water you could find around the world!