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how we grow

All our plants are grown with their roots extracting nutrients from water, rather than soil. This method, known as Hydroponics, provides a number of advantages.

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Why hydroponics?

  • Our specialist agronomists have 100% control over the nutrients each plant receives, meaning we can grow plants with optimal health and nutrition.
  • We grow inside custom built greenhouses, removing the threat of pests. This means we don’t have to spray our crops with chemicals.
  • We recycle our water and use up to 90% less than traditional farming methods.
  • We can grow produce all year round as our crops are protected from climate events.
  • We can grow crops that otherwise may not be possible in our climate – creating accessibility to a more diverse diet.
  • Using natural sunlight and efficient systems, our environmental footprint is minimised.
  • Our quality and quantity are consistent – meaning you are assured of receiving what you ordered!


With the global population growing steadily, it is imperative that new forms of agriculture develop alongside traditional methods to meet increasing food needs with lower impacts. Hydroponics is part of this solution. At the Lanka Salad Company, we see hydroponics as a vital part of future food production strategy and are proud to be one of the pioneers in the field in Sri Lanka.
hydroponic growth

"Hydroponic production also involves much greater environmental control, which hugely reduces the number of pests and disease."