Inside the Greenhouse

Mar 31, 2021

Here at LSC we have ten greenhouses, all full of lettuce and herbs at different stages of their life cycle. Some spaces are dedicated to the ‘Nursery’ where seeds are housed in our cocopeat pods, some have the teenagers – who are newly planted into their growing channels and then some have the plants ready for harvest. There is never a quiet moment!
With up to 150,000 lettuce plants to tend to, 7000 herb plants and 6000 leaves (rocket/mizuna etc) at any one time, our team are constantly monitoring, seeding, harvesting, feeding, cleaning….


Growing within a protected environment means we can control a lot of the conditions to ensure we provide the ideal growing conditions. As to be expected, maintaining an optimal temperature is paramount for healthy plants.
Growing in Sri Lanka means we rarely have a problem for having enough heat – but…we can have too much! To help control the temperature within the greenhouses, we use fan and pad technology for evaporate cooling. With corrugated pads set into one wall of each greenhouse, cold water is continuously circulated over, and through the pads. The exhaust fans work to draw air into the greenhouse, and as it passes over the cooling pads, the temperature of the air drops. This helps to regulate the temperature within the greenhouse, and keeps the air more moist – ideal for our lettuce and herbs.



We have an excellent team of knowledgeable greenhouse staff who tend to each plant with the utmost care and attention. We don’t use any machinery for planting or harvesting – this is all done by hand. This ensures the delicate leaves are not damaged so we are able to deliver the finest quality produce to you in the best condition.
Once harvested, produce is rapidly cooled and sent to our packing and distribution partners where is is kept at the optimum temperature for freshness all the way to the supermarket shelves.


Our team of expert agronomists are constantly checking the health of each plant – and adjusting the nutrients they receive accordingly. We gather data daily so we can monitor and analyse the condition of our plants and make adjustments as soon as necessary.

Staff Training

Our staff and work culture are extremely important – we want our staff to feel empowered and enjoy the work they are doing, with levels of responsibility that are supported by the right amount of guidance.
We provide training to our staff in all areas of fresh produce production, hydroponics, management, food safety and health and safety. Each manager is responsible for daily data capture to ensure their department is running as efficiently as possible.

healthy salad plants


Efficient production is just one part of our sustainability story – we work hard to ensure we drive costs down as this means we are using less energy/less natural resources. We work to produce responsibly, which means our staff are all aware of their role in reducing energy and waste.

Food Safety

To ensure the climate and environment remains controlled, each greenhouse has double ‘security doors’. This enables disinfectant to be used, pests to be kept out and temperature to be controlled by not allowing outside and therefore uncooled air to come in. Everyone working in the greenhouse are trained to the highest standards of food safety, ensuring we are always confident our produce is safe to consume.

We hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about how things work here at LSC! Thank you for your support, we are delighted to keep providing you with safe, fresh and healthy produce.