Next generation of Agriculturalists learn about sustainability at The Lanka Salad Company

Sep 30, 2020

The Lanka Salad Company welcomed a group of 14 students to learn about sustainable agriculture and the benefits of growing fresh produce using hydroponics in a controlled environment. This was part of their training to attain a ‘Plant Nursery Development Assistant’ qualification – a course delivered by the National Youth Services Council (

The students were taken through the entire growing process – from nursery to harvest, and shown how the greenhouse environment is controlled for optimal plant growth, the monitoring and data collection that guides production, quality control processes and the cool chain which keeps produce fresh.
The Lanka Salad Team showed the students how this system differs from traditional agriculture; by enabling produce to be grown without chemical spray, demanding less from natural resources such as soil and water, how yields can be guaranteed and secured all year round and how increased productivity per square meter of space can be achieved.

lanka salad company

After a thorough guided tour of the facility, the students were able to sample some of the produce they had just seen growing by enjoying a super fresh salad for lunch.

The Lanka Salad Company was delighted to host the students, and commends the National Youth Services Council for their work and wholeheartedly supports their mission for an ‘Empowered Sri Lankan Youth’. Providing training in agriculture is one of the most vital skills the next generation can have, as we work towards achieving a food secure future for Sri Lanka.

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