The Life of Your Lettuce

Feb 26, 2021

The Life of Your Lettuce

If you have ever wondered about how your LSC lettuce arrives on the supermarket shelf ..this is the blog post for you! Take a read to discover the Life of Your Lettuce from seed all the way to arriving at the supermarket.

Part 1: It Starts with a Seed

We grow your lettuce from seed – so we have full control over their growth and development and we know exactly what has gone into each plant. As seeds, they are placed into small, individual cocopeat pods. These pods are made from the pith of the inside husk of a coconut shell. We use a SL based company; Cocopel, who use organic, sustainably sourced coconuts and use minimal machinery – choosing instead to employ over 100 women, who otherwise would have limited access to work.
The Cocopel Grow Pellet is a compressed coir fibre pith disc. The disc comes with added fertilizer and is covered in a bottom sealed bio-degradable net. Each seed stays in their cocopeat nest for 14 days.


Part 2: Life in the Fast Lane

After 14 days, your lettuce plant now has a root base and its first few leaves. It is now ready to be transferred to the growing channels where its roots will be submerged in nutrient rich water for the remainder of its stay at the ‘Lanka Salad Company Hotel’.
Each plant has its own section within which it is able to grow, free from any competition for light from neighbouring plants. Our specialist production team know the exact nutrients each plant requires, and monitors their growth daily.

Part 3: Fully Grown

After about 30 days, your lettuce is ready to be harvested. It now has a really strong root base that has been taking in naturally sourced nutrients to make sure it has grown into a strong and vibrant plant. Each plant has benefited from natural sunlight – the essential energy source for all plant life, which ensures they have the perfect balance of nutrients within their leaves. Lettuce and herbs grown in this way contain large amounts of micronutrients that are essential for our health and which can be missing from our normal diets. Vitamins and minerals play essential roles in the function of tissue and organ health, and the plants we grow help to provide these elements that may be missing from your diet. This is one way our produce can support your health!

Part 4: Harvest

Each lettuce is hand-picked and handled with extreme care. They are lightly rinsed to avoid damaging the leaves and are packed for transport to our packing and distribution centre. We comply with the highest standards of food safety and hygiene standards. We are SL Gap certified and operate with Global Gap standards (certification will be applied for during 2021). Our staff receive comprehensive training in all areas of food safety and hygiene.

We use state of the art monitoring systems to ensure our traceability is guaranteed – we know exactly where each lettuce comes from on our site.


Part 5: Packing and Distribution

We work with a globally accredited packing and cool chain distribution company, who look after your lettuce with as much care as we do! Kept at the perfect temperature to remain crispy and fresh, and handled with the highest standards of safety, hygiene and efficiency, your lettuce is packed, the bags are sealed and then loaded into temperature controlled vehicles for the short journey to their destination – at this point, this is retail outlets across Colombo.
Stay tuned though..because we are planning on getting our products to some new regions in April!


Part 6: Retail and… you

Once your lettuce have arrived at their retail outlet, they are stacked onto the shelves and wait for you to turn up and pick them up! You can then take them home and turn them into a fantastic healthy meal that supports your health, our environment and more people than you possibly thought of. The production of every LSC lettuce provides jobs that would not otherwise be there, supports our environment by conserving resources, provides widespread community uplift all along our supply and value chain..and supports your health. We hope you have picked your lettuce up – it has been grown with love and care, for you to enjoy.